Welcome to the ultimate hub for empowering neurodiversity.
Our mission is to support all individuals harness the full potential of the brain, irrespective of processing styles or learning challenges. We offer a suite of advanced assessment tools, screeners, and learning resources. Whether you're an educator seeking inclusive learning experiences for your students, a professional striving to support cognitive development, or a parent aiming to maximize your child’s performance, our comprehensive resources will offer you tailored solutions and strategies. Together, let's transform understanding into action and uncover the brilliance in every brain.


Our vision is to establish the ultimate hub for celebrating and empowering neurodiverse learners.


Our Mission is to empower individuals of all ages, from school-aged children to seniors, through a comprehensive digital platform. We provide research-based assessments and a suite of tools dedicated to fostering optimal brain performance while unlocking one’s true potential.

Whether you're an educator striving to cultivate inclusive and nurturing learning environments, a professional committed to fostering cognitive development at any life stage, or a parent on a journey to maximize your child's growth and performance, My Memory Mentor is your steadfast companion. Together, let’s illuminate the brilliance within every brain, fostering a world where neurodiversity is not only recognized but celebrated as a powerful force for positive change.


We are dedicated to bridging two fundamental gaps:

  • Facilitating the Integration of Research Findings into Practical Settings:

    We understand that valuable research insights often remain confined within academic circles, inaccessible to those on the front lines of education and cognitive support. Our mission is to take the latest and greatest research findings and translate them into practical, actionable strategies and resources. Whether you're an educator, professional, or parent, our products will help apply cutting-edge research directly in real-world scenarios.

  • Linking Assessments and Hands-on Services:

    Assessments play a pivotal, initial role in uncovering specific needs and establishing baseline information. However, to actively make a difference in the lives of individuals, assessments should seamlessly transition into tailored services and interventions. My Memory Mentor's suite of advanced assessment tools and screeners were built to directly transform these insights into actionable plans that bring about tangible improvements in the lives of those we serve.

Our Products

We offer a diverse range of digital products that include qualitative screeners (featuring reports, dashboard analytics, and trainings), quantitative cognitive assessments, as well as a tool for career exploration.


The SPI is a comprehensive instrument designed to categorize a learner's preferred methods of information processing into 12 distinct types. Our platform offers online assessments, personalized reports, comprehensive user dashboards, and a rich array of training resources, all aimed at enhancing education and fostering inclusivity. Grounded in research and evidence-based practices, the SPI empowers educators, professionals, and learners, helping to unlock the potential within every student.


The EFCS and EFCS Junior are valuable tools designed to assess executive functioning (EF) skills. They not only pinpoint potential EF disorders but also provide in-depth analyses across domains of working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, and higher-level functions. Access detailed reports, group analytics, comparative analyses and training resources to support EF skills. We aim to enhance overall functioning and success in various aspects of life, including education, work, and daily tasks.


The CDS is a tool designed to explore dyslexia symptoms, identify its likelihood, and uncover the specific subtype (auditory phonological, visual perceptual, visual surface, RAN, attention-related). It offers a detailed report with explanations and remedial suggestions, as well as a user dashboard for group comparisons and analysis. Designed to assist individuals, educators, clinicians, and parents, the CDS aims to enhance academic success by understanding and addressing each student's unique challenges.


The PARTS is a specialized tool for assessing reading abilities, covering 12 categories and 30 subtests. It provides online assessments, reports, and user-friendly dashboards, along with various support resources. Grounded in the early literacy research and the Orton-Gillingham approach, PARTS enhances reading skills and accommodates neurodiverse learning needs while maximizing learning potential.


The CDGS is a specialized screener designed to identify and evaluate the observed symptoms of dysgraphia. Utilizing our established online assessment system, the CDGS provides precise, user-friendly screenings that help pinpoint challenges in fine motor skills and writing. Accompanied by comprehensive reports and supported by our interactive user dashboard, the CDGS is an essential resource for educators, therapists, and individuals seeking to address the needs of learners with dysgraphia.


The CDCS is a specialized tool crafted to detect the signs of dyscalculia. Leveraging a robust online assessment system, the CDCS delivers accurate and user-friendly screenings that identifies specific difficulties in numerical understanding and mathematical skills. Thorough reports and an interactive dashboard, makes it a crucial resource for educators, therapists, and individuals committed to understanding and catering to the unique needs of learners with Math challenges


The IPI is a assessment designed to help employers find the best person for a specific job, and boost team engagement and commitment. It assesses employees' preferences in 12 distinct ways of processing. It also provides tailored recommendations for employers, coaches, and therapists. With online assessments, customized reports, and user-friendly dashboards, plus a range of training resources, the IPI makes it easier to unlock potential and drive growth in diverse professional settings.


APIC is a dynamic, digital career exploration and advisory platform tailored for individuals, educational institutions, and independent career counselors. It offers a personalized approach to career guidance by integrating assessments of aptitude, personality, interests, and core values, providing users with career suggestions that align with their inherent skills, character, and passions.


AgeWise Education (AWE) is an innovative new program that offers a carefully curated collection of neurocognitive remedial games and activities, aimed specifically at improving brain and body functions in older adults. This initiative is designed to stimulate mental agility and physical well-being, providing a holistic approach to health for the elderly.


PBCS is a cognitive assessment tool intended for use in educational environments, therapeutic settings, and home learning scenarios. It evaluates memory, processing speed, perceptual skills, problem-solving, attention, and reasoning skills. It offers an intuitive and engaging interface, making the screening process both user-friendly and interactive. This tool provides detailed insights and analyses in a comprehensive report. An engaging user dashboard assists in identifying targeted interventions that foster cognitive growth and enhanced learning.


PBMS is a math skills assessment created for educational institutions, homeschoolers, and learning centers. It evaluates key areas such as arithmetical problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, and numerical operations. Its user-friendly interface provides an engaging testing experience, while detailed reports and a user dashboard offer valuable insights into each student's strengths and weaknesses. Ideal for developing personalized learning plans and instructional strategies, the PBMS fosters academic growth and development in various settings.


PBLS is a literacy skills assessment tool designed for educational institutions, homeschoolers, and learning centers. This quick and simple English language test and report looks at comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary and language processing skills. In addition to providing test takers with an easy-to-use platform, the user dashboard offers invaluable asset for modern educators, facilitating targeted literacy enhancement for neurodiverse learners.

Our Story

Dr. Erica Warren's professional journey began at the University of Georgia, where she earned an assistantship conducting neuropsychological evaluations and writing reports for the college's Learning Disability Center. During this time, she noted a significant lack of communication and disconnect between professionals writing psychoeducational reports and educators providing services. This observation profoundly altered the course of her career and life, leading her to understand that this gap was not just a logistical oversight, but a significant missed opportunity for effective educational interventions.

After completing her doctorate, this realization became the cornerstone of her approach in her practice as an educational therapist. She noticed that educational support providers struggled to harness the information in comprehensive reports, and testing professionals lacked expertise in guiding everyday teaching methodologies.

Determined to bridge this divide, Dr. Warren embarked on a 25-year journey to develop assessments and cognitive remedial tools that could translate complex data into enjoyable and actionable teaching approaches. Recognizing that teachers were pressed for time, she realized the importance of digitizing these resources to quickly and efficiently identify optimal strategies for both individual students and groups, as well as to allow for pre and post testing to measure growth. However, finding the right technology and partner proved challenging.

The search concluded at the beginning of 2023 when Dr. Warren teamed up with Jaydeep Singh, an entrepreneur with a 25-year background in technology and learning solutions. Their collaboration marked a new beginning in developing comprehensive, time-saving approaches.

Reflecting on this path, Erica and Jaydeep express excitement about bridging the gap between assessments and services, a mission to make a positive impact on the world of education.

Our Team

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Dr. Erica Warren
Cofounder & Head of Content

Dr. Erica Warren is a renowned educational consultant, educational therapist, executive functioning coach, and a distinguished author of educational materials. Drawing from her extensive training and multi-disciplinary qualifications in educational psychology, school psychology, special education, adult education and coaching, she’s recognized for designing transformative multisensory lessons, cognitive remediation tools, and comprehensive assessments. She has also developed a suite of highly regarded teacher training courses. Beyond her individual contributions, Dr. Warren has extended her influence globally through her online platforms and collaborations, making a significant impact on the field of education and earning her wide acclaim for her innovative and effective approaches to learning. Dr. Warren offers:

  • Downloadable lessons, cognitive remedial tools, and workshops
  • Individualized student remediation and coaching
  • Teacher training
  • Student advocacy
  • Learning profiles based on prior school performance and neuropsychological assessments
  • School consultations
  • Curriculum design and content creation
  • School observations and evaluations
  • IEP and reasonable accommodation support

Key Sites and Resources

  • Good Sensory Learning: An online store of digital products, offering multisensory lessons and cognitive remedial tools, designed to empower learners.
  • Learning Specialist Courses: A platform providing teacher training and remedial materials adaptable for both online and in-person learning.
  • Learning to Learn: Dr. Warren's private practice, applying her multi-processing teaching and coaching approach to support learners of all ages.
  • My Memory Mentor: Dr. Warren is collaborating with My Memory Mentor to produce comprehensive digital assessments.
  • The The Executive Function Brain Trainer Podcast: An engaging series where Erica Warren and Darius Namdaran share their expertise, insights, and advice.
  • Dr. Erica Warren's YouTube Channel: A collection of video resources covering a variety of topics related to learning and cognition.
  • Dr. Erica Warren's Blog : Informative articles that explore different aspects of special education, learning disabilities, teaching strategies and more.
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Jaydeep Singh
Cofounder & Tech Entrepreneur

Jaydeep Singh is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in technology and learning solutions. His companies work on developing digital assessment solutions in a SaaS (Software-as-as-Service) model that help enterprises, schools, and individuals.

Jaydeep founded BuildEmploy Services in 2013 as his first entrepreneurial venture that offered Market entry consulting services to International training & certification companies. His next venture,undertaking Empass Learning was incorporated in the year 2017. This company has developed a comprehensive suite of assessment offerings. This includes,

  • Assess: mobile-based gamified assessment solutions for enterprises.
  • Hire: mobile-first, remote hiring screening solutions for enterprises.
  • APIC: a comprehensive Career exploration platform for schools & individuals
  • MAPPER: Neuropsychological assessments & remediation platform

In 2022, Jaydeep established MyMemoryMentor LLC as his third venture, which is headquartered in the US. In collaboration with renowned educational & neuropsychology experts, this venture is developing comprehensive screening solutions for early detection of learning disability (kids) and cognitive decline(elderly).

In addition to running his own ventures, Jaydeep enjoys spending time in,

  • Advocating use of AI & Machine learning to improve educational outcomes. He supports one the largest AI & ML skilling initiative in the country, leadingindia.ai that offers projects and guidance for developing patentable AI to learners.
  • Helping develop technology curriculum at Engineering schools/Universities (Manav Rachna University, Bennett University, Amity University)
  • Advising other entrepreneurs in their innovative start-up ventures with respect to strategy, business alliances, marketing and monetization (pefrontoffice.com, hoggy.io, alphabetfactory.com)
  • Acting as an advisory board member of the Govt. of India’s largest technology skilling project called thea National Digital Skilling Platform(NDSP) which is developed by NASSCOM (india’s premier association of software technology & services companies)
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Dr. Sangeeta Singh
Cofounder & Advisor

Dr. Sangeeta Singh is a Researcher and academician turned entrepreneur. She works as a Research Associate at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

She is a distinguished academic with a rich background in teaching and research. A Ph.D. graduate from the School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Dr. Singh has cultivated a deep-rooted passion for education and learning. Her journey in academia has taken her across continents, enriching her experience and broadening her perspectives.

Dr. Singh's academic career began in India, where she held faculty positions at Delhi University. Her roles involved not just imparting knowledge, but also engaging in extensive research, contributing significantly to her field. Her transition to the United States saw her taking on pivotal roles in teaching and research at various community colleges in Denver and Aurora, as well as the Metropolitan State University of Denver in Colorado. These positions further reinforced her lifelong commitment to education and learning. What sets Dr. Singh apart is her fascination with the science of learning. This interest has driven her to explore innovative ways to support and enhance the educational experience. Recognizing the challenges faced by neurodiverse learners, she became an ardent supporter of using technology to aid kids with learning difficulties. Her enthusiasm and support were instrumental in the creation of MyMemoryMentor, a platform dedicated to being a hub for neurodiverse learners, leveraging technology to transform their educational journey.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Singh is deeply involved in her community. She actively participates in various social and cultural groups, contributing her time and resources to causes close to her heart. Dr. Singh's interaction with the youth is particularly noteworthy, as she aims to inspire and guide them. Her commitment to volunteer work and mental wellness initiatives has made a significant impact, both in her immediate community and beyond.

Dr. Singh's blend of professional expertise and personal dedication to societal welfare makes her a respected and inspiring figure in the academic and social circles. Her work continues to influence and motivate those around her, making a lasting impact on the lives she touches.