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Welcome to the ultimate hub for empowering neurodiversity.
Our mission is to help all individuals harness the full potential of the brain, irrespective of processing styles or learning challenges. We offer a suite of advanced assessment tools, screeners, and learning resources. Whether you're an educator seeking inclusive learning experiences for your students, a professional striving to support cognitive development, or a parent aiming to maximize your child’s performance, our comprehensive resources will offer you tailored solutions and strategies. Together, let's transform understanding into action and uncover the brilliance in every brain.

Our Products

We offer a diverse range of digital products that include qualitative screeners (featuring reports, dashboard analytics, and trainings), quantitative cognitive assessments, as well as a tool for career exploration.


The SPI is a comprehensive instrument designed to categorize a learner's preferred methods of information processing into 12 distinct types. Our platform offers online assessments, personalized reports, comprehensive user dashboards, and a rich array of training resources, all aimed at enhancing education and fostering inclusivity. Grounded in research and evidence-based practices, the SPI empowers educators, professionals, and learners, helping to unlock the potential within every student.


The EFCS, is a valuable tool designed to assess executive functioning (EF) skills. It not only pinpoints potential EF disorders, but also provides in-depth analysis across domains of working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, and higher-level functions. Access detailed reports, group analytics, comparative analyses and training resources to support EF skills. We aim to enhance overall functioning and success in various aspects of life, including education, work, and daily tasks.


The CDS is a tool designed to explore dyslexia symptoms, identify its likelihood, and define the specific type. It offers a detailed report with explanations and remedial suggestions, as well as a user dashboard for group comparisons and analysis. Designed to assist individuals, educators, clinicians, and parents, the CDS aims to enhance learning and support academic success by understanding and addressing each student's unique challenges.


APIC is a Digital Career Exploration and advisory platform for students, schools and independent career counsellors. Find your ideal career based on Aptitude, Personality, Interests, Core Values.


The MAPPER is an AI-powered, scientifically-validated neuropsychological test battery for the assessment of learning difficulties in kids and remediation support.

Our Team

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Dr. Erica Warren
Renowned Educational Consultant

Dr. Erica Warren is a renowned educational consultant, educational therapist, executive functioning coach, and a distinguished author of educational materials. Drawing from her extensive training and multi-disciplinary qualifications in educational psychology, school psychology, special education, adult education and coaching, she’s recognized for designing transformative multisensory lessons, cognitive remediation tools, and comprehensive assessments. She has also developed a suite of highly regarded teacher training courses. Beyond her individual contributions, Dr. Warren has extended her influence globally through her online platforms and collaborations, making a significant impact on the field of education and earning her wide acclaim for her innovative and effective approaches to learning. Dr. Warren offers:

  • Downloadable lessons, cognitive remedial tools, and workshops
  • Individualized student remediation and coaching
  • Teacher training
  • Student advocacy
  • Learning profiles based on prior school performance and neuropsychological assessments
  • School consultations
  • Curriculum design and content creation
  • School observations and evaluations
  • IEP and reasonable accommodation support

Key Sites and Resources

  • Good Sensory Learning : An online store of digital products, offering multisensory lessons and cognitive remedial tools, designed to empower learners.
  • Learning Specialist Courses : A platform providing teacher training and remedial materials adaptable for both online and in-person learning.
  • Learning to Learn : Dr. Warren's private practice, applying her multi-processing teaching and coaching approach to support learners of all ages.
  • My Memory Mentor : Dr. Warren is collaborating with My Memory Mentor to produce comprehensive digital assessments.
  • The Personal Brain Trainer Podcast : An engaging series where Erica Warren and Darius Namdaran share their expertise, insights, and advice.
  • Dr. Erica Warren's YouTube Channel : A collection of video resources covering a variety of topics related to learning and cognition.
  • Dr. Erica Warren's Blog : Regularly updated with informative articles delving into different aspects of special education, learning disabilities, teaching strategies and more.
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Jaydeep Singh
Tech Entrepreneur

Jaydeep Singh is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in technology and learning solutions. His companies work on developing digital assessment solutions in a SaaS (Software-as-as-Service) model that help enterprises, schools, and individuals.

Jaydeep founded BuildEmploy Services in 2013 as his first entrepreneurial venture that offered Market entry consulting services to International training & certification companies. His next venture,undertaking Empass Learning was incorporated in the year 2017. This company has developed a comprehensive suite of assessment offerings. This includes,

  • Assess : mobile-based gamified assessment solutions for enterprises.
  • Hire : mobile-first, remote hiring screening solutions for enterprises.
  • APIC : a comprehensive Career exploration platform for schools & individuals
  • MAPPR : Neuropsychological assessments & remediation platform

In 2022, Jaydeep established MyMemoryMentor LLC as his third venture, which is headquartered in the US. In collaboration with renowned educational & neuropsychology experts, this venture is developing comprehensive screening solutions for early detection of learning disability (kids) and cognitive decline(elderly).

In addition to running his own ventures, Jaydeep enjoys spending time in,

  • Advocating use of AI & Machine learning to improve educational outcomes. He supports one the largest AI & ML skilling initiative in the country, leadingindia.ai that offers projects and guidance for developing patentable AI to learners.
  • Helping develop technology curriculum at Engineering schools/Universities (Manav Rachna University, Bennett University, Amity University)
  • Advising other entrepreneurs in their innovative start-up ventures with respect to strategy, business alliances, marketing and monetization (pefrontoffice.com, hoggy.io, alphabetfactory.com)
  • Acting as an advisory board member of the Govt. of India’s largest technology skilling project called thea National Digital Skilling Platform(NDSP) which is developed by NASSCOM (india’s premier association of software technology & services companies)