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Discovering Dyslexia Through a New Lens: The Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener

October 20, 2023

Dyslexia encompasses more than reading challenges. It’s a multifaceted experience where letters might jumble during reading, verbal expressions may take a moment longer to form, and processing information might require distinct strategies. This intricate interaction with words and ideas, both written and spoken, can turn what many perceive as straightforward tasks into unique challenges for […]


The Crucial Role of Early Detection in Learning Challenges

Learning is a complex journey, one that’s as unique as our fingerprints. For many students, this journey is smooth and relatively straightforward. For others, however, there are bumps, turns, and detours that can hinder progress. Learning challenges, ranging from mild to severe, can affect any student. But, just as with many challenges in life, early […]