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  • Expert dashboard with advanced group analytics.
  • Training platform for specific phonics-based and Orton-Gillingham teaching suggestions.
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About the PARTS

The Phonics Assessment for Reading and Targeted Support (PARTS) is a research-based digital assessment tool designed to assist educators, reading specialists, and parents in developing an efficient, individualized plan to enhance reading skills. This instrument accelerates the remedial process by pinpointing the precise needs of each student, thus facilitating targeted intervention. It is highly compatible with Orton-Gillingham and other structured phonics reading programs. Moreover, PARTS serves as a valuable tool for assessing student progress post- remediation, clearly delineating areas where proficiency has been achieved and recognizing those which require further educational support. Finally, the digital platform's userfriendly interface allows for seamless online assessments, with reports immediately accessible on an intuitive online user dashboard. Whether you require individual or group analytics, PARTS delivers. Additionally, the platform offers a wealth of continuing education resources, enriching the educational experience for all users.

Who Administers the PARTS?

By gaining perspective from multiple individuals, learners' strengths, challenges, and needs can be holistically assessed.

Educators and professionals with substantial training in reading remediation can administer the assessment by verbally delivering the directions and items. In cases where their accent or voice poses challenges for the student's comprehension, they can simply click the speaker icon to have the directions and items read aloud directly from their device.


Tutors and parents are eligible to administer the PARTS. They have the option to read the items aloud or utilize the speaker icon for playing back the directions and test items. In case they are uncertain about the correct answers, they can use a headset or ear pods to compare the student's response with the correct answer.

PARTS Categories & Subtests

12 Categories


30 Subtests

1) Letter Names

2) Letter Sounds

3) Vowel/Consonant

4) Rhyme Maker

5) Rhyme ID

6) Syllable Division

7) Word Synthesis

8) Sounds to Words

9) Beginning Sounds

10) Middle Sounds

11) Ending Sounds

12) Drop the First Sound

13) Drop the Last Sound

14) Sight Words Kinder

15) Sight Words Grade 1

16) Sight Words Grade 2

17) Sight Words Grade 3

18) Closed Syllables

19) Open Syllables

20) Silent E Syllables

21) R Comb. Syllables

22) Cons. le Syllables

23) Vowel Team Syllables

24) Syllabication

25) Beginning Blends +

26) Ending Blends +

27) Compound Words

28) Prefixes

29) Suffixes

30) Multisyllabic Words

Why Use the PARTS?

Research Oriented Approach

Based on a thorough review of scholarly articles, extensive field testing, and a focus on diagnostic standards, the PARTS empowers successful teaching approaches.

Performance Based Testing

Utilize our pretest for an in-depth understanding of each student’s distinct reading needs. Subsequently, administer our posttest to measure academic gains and pinpoint additional areas that require support.

Diversity-Focused Strategies

Adopt neurodiverse educational methods by utilizing our collection of instructional training materials.

Instant Results

Adjust instructional techniques to fit the needs of the group. Also, cater to individuals, honoring the specific needs of each student.

PARTS Tier System

In the user dashboard, PRO and ELITE members can access the PARTS Tier System. This offers a simple way to assign licences and screener credits. It can be used to define clear roles and privileges across four primary user types: Administrators, Supervisors, Teachers, and Learners.

Explore the PARTS

Once the subtests have been completed, a user-friendly, online dashboard offers both individual and group results. Cross-subtest comparisons highlight the specific needs of individual learners, while comparative data across classes, or selected individuals, identifies learners with common needs. Download our sample report and sample user dashboard to learn more.

Sample Report Page


Plan Options for the PARTS


Administer PARTS
Review Report


Access Online Dashboard for Comparisons+


Access Training

PARTS Pricing

Homeschooler - Basic


  • 1 test
  • Comprehensive reports with remediation suggestions
  • 1 User dashboard user license for comparisons and analytics
  • 1 year access to library of training resources

✸ Existing users can purchase additional tests for $40.00

✸ Existing users can purchase additional annual user dashboard licenses for $10.00

Practitioner - Pro


  • 10 Tests
  • Access to online dashboard
  • 2 User dashboard user license for comparisons and analytics
  • 1 year access to library of training resources*

✸ Existing users can purchase additional tests for $35.00

✸ Existing users can purchase additional annual user dashboard licenses for $10.00

Large School - Elite


  • 100 tests
  • Access to online dashboard
  • 10 User dashboard user license for comparisons and analytics
  • 1 year access to library of training resources*

✸ Existing users can purchase additional tests for $25.00

✸ Existing users can purchase additional annual user dashboard licenses for $10.00


The Phonics Assessment for Reading and Targeted Support (PARTS) is designed to cater to a wide age range, spanning from learners aged 5 years to adults. This broad age spectrum indicates that the PARTS is versatile and adaptable, capable of assessing and supporting phonics skills across various stages of learning and development. For younger learners, the PARTS focuses on foundational phonics skills. This includes recognizing letter sounds and understanding simple word constructions. These early literacy skills are crucial in setting the groundwork for more advanced reading abilities. As the age range extends to older children, teenagers, and adults, the PARTS addresses more complex phonics challenges.

The adaptability of PARTS across such a wide age range demonstrates its comprehensive approach to phonics assessment and support. It offers a tailored approach to meet the specific reading needs of the individual, regardless of their age.

The PARTS offers 30 quick subtests.

The PARTS typically take 25-30 minutes. However, subtests can be skipped which shortens the administration time.

The PARTS can be administered in-person or any online conferencing platform that allows screen sharing (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Facetime…).

The PARTS is digitally scored by the administrator in real-time, therefore, the results and report are immediately generated once the testing is complete.

To utilize the PARTS as an integrative, holistic program, each learner undergoes a pretest and posttest to ensure effective and personalized learning. The pretest establishes a baseline of the learner's reading abilities, helping to tailor the instruction to accommodate their specific needs. The posttest, taken after implementing a targeted approach, measures the progress and compares it against the initial baseline to evaluate the intervention's effectiveness.

This approach not only allows for individualized learning but also provides critical feedback for educators and learners. It's a transparent method to demonstrate the program's impact, ensuring accountability and guiding future instruction and curriculum development.

Yes, the user dashboard offers some training with videos, downloadable handouts, and podcasts. If you are looking for comprehensive training we also make recommendations.

Answer: As soon as an assessment is taken, the results are available for your review on the online user dashboard. In addition, you will have access to additional student data and reports as well as group and class comparisons and analytics. If you wish to email the report to a parent or professional, you can also do this in the user dashboard.

Anyone can use the PARTS. Whether you are a therapist, tutor, teacher, parent, or other professional who wants to quickly uncover the best way to support a student’s reading needs, we’ve got you covered.

Download:User Guide

  • In the user dashboard, select the Individual Report tab on the top menu.
  • Select a learner to view their report.
  • Scroll to the heading: Add/Edit comments and signature.
  • Select button titled: Add Comments.
  • When done you will be able to view your comments and signature at the end of the report.

PARTS Testimonials

PARTS has been a game-changer in my classroom. It aligns perfectly with our Orton-Gillingham program, and the detailed assessments help me tailor my teaching to each student's needs. It's an indispensable tool for any reading teacher.

- Mr. Ramirez A,. Elementary Teacher

I recommend the PARTS for its precision in identifying specific reading challenges. It's invaluable in creating individualized remedial plans. The compatibility with structured phonics programs makes it a top choice for me.

- Ms. Jackson N,. Reading Specialist

The PARTS platform has given me a clear understanding of where my child stands with reading. The digital assessment was easy to administer, and the immediate feedback helps us focus on the right areas. It's been a supportive resource for our home learning.

- Mrs. Leona G,. Parent

Integrating the PARTS into our reading curriculum has significantly enhanced our ability to monitor and support each student's progress. The real-time data and compatibility with our reading programs make it an outstanding asset.

- Mr. Orson R,. Special Ed Teacher

In my practice, the PARTS has proven to be a vital tool for assessing and aiding students with diverse reading needs. Its capacity to tailor support and track progress over time is essential for effective remediation.

- Mrs. Eliza P,. Special Ed Teacher

PARTS has revolutionized how we approach reading assessment and support in our school. The ease of use, combined with powerful analytics, helps us ensure that every student receives the attention and resources they need to succeed.

Dr. Robert L,. School Administrator